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Can't Wait

2009-06-26 01:52:44 by G30

I'm looking forward to my next paycheck because I'm going to put it into buying a new MIDI Keyboard. The one I was using was an M-Audio Axiom 25. I only had 25 keys to choose from at a time. Albeit I had an octave switch, I prefer to have all 88 keys simultaneously available. When I get that keyboard my music will hopefully have more range. I got a couple of questions to anyone who is reading this. What do you think about the following situation, Should you teach yourself how to play the piano to cultivate and create originality or should you use conventional methods? Would that make your music sound better? Would it take away your originality? I'm also gonna get an xbox 360 and maybe play sometime, ill put my gamertag up when I get it if yall wanna play. Anyway thanks!


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2009-06-27 16:34:41

Wow n***a still no xbox...daaaaaaaam homie. a week ago you was the maaaaaaaaaaaaaan homie. FUCK HAPPEN to you HAHAHAHA LMFAO

Lemme know on the real though ill add you soon as you get your shit hooked up play on online and get yuo mopped in boxing fightnight.

G30 responds:

haha man, yea i need to get one. lol alright man sounds good


2009-07-02 22:25:56

Hmmm.... nice profile although the picture was created by someone I know....hmmmmm/....


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