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2009-05-29 18:26:52 by G30

Hey my first post I dont know too much about how this newground works, started using it recently. I've been making beats and lately I've just been feeling so unmotivated. Before I had this "vibe" to make music. I guess I gotta get emotionally charged that would help. Just wanna let yall know if you hear stuff that aint high quality its cuz im not in my vibe.


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2009-05-30 19:12:03

Ya, I think we've all felt that at some point, just a lack of inspiration. Happens to all of us, I actually JUST (30 minutes ago) got out of one.

G30 responds:

HAHA man tell me about it. I think I gotta outta mine a few mintues ago too, just made a song. Sometimes you just blaze through em sometimes you cant make it.